Tarik Kelestemur

My research-related projects.

Ongoing Projects

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Completed Projects

I have finished this project during my summer internship in RIVeR Lab, WPI. Main goal of this project is collecting skeleton data while a person is walking and analyzing this dataset to find out person's gait characteristics such as duration of walk, numbers of steps, average distance between steps and wrist/elbow. I have used ROS, OpenCV, SVM[scikit] and SciPy for this project. You can find all the codes and datasets in the github repo. Video | GitHub | Paper[Turkish]

I have built a VREP and ROS based car-like (ackermann steering) robot simulation that is capable of creating the map of the environment and autonomously navigate in this map. I am using a RC car model that is built by Ruixiang Du. Right now, the robot is able to create a map. The next steps of this project will be finishing autonomous driving and building real model of the robot.
Video: Teleoperation and Mapping | GitHub