Tarik Kelestemur

New Design

August 13, 2016 | 1 Minute Read |

Finally, I’ve found time (and motivation) to change the design and update the content of the my website. I am using an awesome static-site generator called Jekyll. I was once a wordpress fan but after I started using GitHub, I found out that hosting a website on github is much easier than maintaining a linux host and the best thing is updating content is very easy since Jekyll supports markdown. If you are interested, here is your tutorial about how to host Jekyll sites on GitHub.

Before this template, I was using Pixyll and I decided to find something looks better. After 30 mins search on the Google, I found Long Haul template by Brian Maier, Jr.. I made small changes, put a beautiful Istanbul view on top and updated some content (still not completed).

Hopefully, I will write new blog posts on my website (I’ve graduated so I think I will find more time.) If you find any bugs (like broken links etc.), please let me know. By the way, the code of this website can be found at this repo.